Battle Action Aragorn.

wp-1488051892757.jpgYesterday, I got my Aragorn action figure in the mail! I know I should of blogged about this yesterday, but I was busy.

The Aragorn action figure was made by Toybiz, and this Aragorn is from a scene in the two towers. I’m guessing the battle for horns deep. Which reminds me, on the box there was a map design, and I could see Gondor, Insengard, Moria, Rohan, helps deep, and a bunch of others.


On the front of the box, it says that Aragorn had sword attack action, so here’s the picture of the box,


And here’s the sword action.


As you can see, I’m squeezing the legs, which activates sword action. Here’s the back of the box. Can you read it?


You guys want to see the weapons? Of course you do. First, since it’s the smallest, I will show you the knife.


And now here’s the sword. Oh no, while I was looking for the post on my media, it seems I forgot to take a picture of the sword. So I will show you the picture of the sword in the sheath. I think that’s the word for the thing that holds the sword.wp-1488052120549.jpg

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