2017 Tolkien Reading day!

When I got on A TOLKIENIST'S PERSPECTIVE, (wonderful website by the way. made me want to blog about Middle-earth and stuff related to it) I noticed a new post. I read it, and turns out, today's Tolkien reading day! This is great! This will be my first time celebrating a Tolkien holiday! According to the post, … Continue reading 2017 Tolkien Reading day!


Who are… The wizards of Middle-earth.

5 wizards, wise and powerful;  And some dead. But who are the wizards? Stay here if you are wondering: the 2 blue Wizards. Not much is known about them. In fact, Gandalf doesn't really remember their names. My Swim teacher told me that they both died trying to control something that they couldn't control. Saruman … Continue reading Who are… The wizards of Middle-earth.