Hobbit trilogy marathon~ Battle of the five armies.

Hey again, everybody. Today is the last day of my Hobbit movie marathon. Today I will talk about The battle of the five armies.

I am at the part when Gandalf the grey is at Dol Guldor. My favorite scene in Dol Guldor is when Elrond and Saruman the white battle the Nazgúl.

But my favorite scene in the entire movie is when Thorin Oakenshield and the 13 dwarves join the Battle of the five armies. Here’s a video.

My second favorite scene is the Battle between Bard the bowman vs. Smaug.

I thought it was sad when Fili, Kili, and Thorin die during the Battle of the five armies. My younger brother, who is a really big fan of the Hobbit trilogy, was very disappointed when Kili, his favorite character in the trilogy, died.

This movie in the hobbit trilogy is my favorite out of the 3.

I give this movie another 10/10.

This is the end of my Hobbit trilogy marathon. My next marathon will probably be the Lord of the rings trilogy. But I’d probably have to wait to get my own, cause the one I have is dad’s, and his return of the king buffers.


Hobbit trilogy marathon~ Desolation of Smaug

Hey, again. This is day 2 of my Hobbit movie marathon. Today I’m watching Desolation of Smaug. Time for another movie review. But first I want to say that I have swimming today, so I hope I can finish this movie today, just like I finished An unexpected journey last night.

I really like this movie a lot. My favorite character in the movie is Smaug. Smaug is yet another CGI (Computer graphics imagery) character. Dragons are a really popular, so I can see if Smaug is a really popular character in the trilogy AND book.

Oh, almost forgot. Adding Legolas and the new character Tauriel was the best choice for this film in my opinion. I thought it was funny when Legolas insults Gloin’s son, Gimli. I hope Gloin’s and Legolas forget the insult before The fellowship of the ring.

Overall, it is yet another masterpiece done by Peter Jackson.

I give this movie 10/10.

Tomorrow, Battle of the five armies.

Hobbit trilogy marathon~An unexpected journey

I’ve tried to many times, but I have always failed. But since it’s Easter break, where there are 4 days of no school, I just might be able to finally have a Middle-earth movie marathon! This week, I will watch the Hobbit trilogy. Next weekend I’ll watch the Lotr trilogy. Right now I’m watching An unexpected journey. So I just thought I’d make a couple of Movie Reviews about each movie. Since I have already watched the movies millions of times, I will make the review while I watch the movie.

I thought it had a wonderful sense of Adventure and humor, with a message of inside courage and having to believe in yourself. My favorite character(s) in the movie was Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, Gandalf the grey, and the great Goblin. I thought the great Goblin was a really funny character, making each sentence he says into a sarcastic remark.

I give this movie 8/10 stars.

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Tomorrow, Desolation of Smaug.