An unexpected journey (2013)

‚Äč– Every Saga has a beginning

This is my favorite movie in the Hobbit trilogy.

Plot: Bilbo Baggins is a very respectable Hobbit, who has no interest in adventures. When he is whisked off on an adventure with 13 dwarves and a wizard to reclaim the kingdom of Erebor, Bilbo learns that their is more to himself then even he knows. And during the journey, Bilbo finds a magic ring…

Favorite character: Bilbo Baggins

Review: This is the best of the Hobbit trilogy. I loved the trolls, they were really funny. My favorite troll was Tom, the troll with all the allergies. I also really loved how they found the swords Glamdring, Orcrist, and Sting. It was really memorable, and the lesson Gandalf told Bilbo was really awesome.

 I loved seeing Radagast the brown in the movie, although I’m still curious what it would be like if they kept Radagast in the fellowship of the ring. I also really loved the great Goblin. He was really funny, and yet he could not be trusted. It was great to see Gollum in the franchise again. Azog was one of the best choices in this movie, in my opinion.

Although, after the goblin town scene, the Movie began feeling long. But that’s pretty much it.

I give this movie an: A


Was the great Goblin king of all orcs?

The great Goblin is a classic character from Peter Jackson’s, “An unexpected journey.” But after I watched it for the first time, I began thinking; Was the great Goblin king of all the orcs?

I did some thinking, and my answer is no. I believe that the great Goblin was just a king of Goblin town, not all orcs. Take Classic movie, “how to train your dragon.” each dragon nest has a queen; for example, The red death.

So there you have it, the great Goblin is not the king of all orcs; merely the king of the Goblin breed of orcs in Goblin town.


Hobbit trilogy marathon~An unexpected journey

I’ve tried to many times, but I have always failed. But since it’s Easter break, where there are 4 days of no school, I just might be able to finally have a Middle-earth movie marathon! This week, I will watch the Hobbit trilogy. Next weekend I’ll watch the Lotr trilogy. Right now I’m watching An unexpected journey. So I just thought I’d make a couple of Movie Reviews about each movie. Since I have already watched the movies millions of times, I will make the review while I watch the movie.

I thought it had a wonderful sense of Adventure and humor, with a message of inside courage and having to believe in yourself. My favorite character(s) in the movie was Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, Gandalf the grey, and the great Goblin. I thought the great Goblin was a really funny character, making each sentence he says into a sarcastic remark.

I give this movie 8/10 stars.

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Tomorrow, Desolation of Smaug.