Wargs are small?

I remember a part of the text in the fellowship of the ring,

Through the throat of one huge leader Aragorn passed his sword with a thrust; with a great sweep Boromir heard the head off another.

Fellowship of the ring, book 2, chapter 4, Page 335-336

Does that mean Wargs are actually smaller than the adaption is Peter Jackson’s films? It seems like it.


Happy Hobbit Day!

Yesterday was the first Hobbit day I ever celebrated! Yesterday marked Frodo and Bilbo Baggins birthday, and the day Bilbo left the shire to live in Rivendell, and Frodo obtained the ring, and Gandalf left to do a “little” research on Frodo’s ring.

Although on Tolkien reading day, my plan for Hobbit day was to:

be barefoot all day, eat a lot, have “6 meals a day,” and read what I can of the Hobbit. That means I’m going to read the hobbit until Hobbits day is over, even if I don’t finish it, which is obvious that I won’t.

But unfortunately, yesterday was a Friday, and I had school, and I didn’t get to read the Hobbit because I was volunteering at the parents night out. Fun fact, I was the only 6th grader there.

But I was barefoot when I was watching Bilbo Baggins birthday scene last night.

I’m hoping to blog more often, like I used to.

Thank you, and happy Hobbit day!

Song over gold

As you all know, I am a huge Tolkien fan. So I follow the Hobbit tag on my reader, and I came across a post from GlorytoGodAlone. It is a picture of Thorin Oakenshield, and a quote he said while he was dying. I can’t reblog on my kindle, so I just copied the image. Here it is:


After I read this post, I remembered a verse from Proverbs.

Wisdom is more precious than jewels, and all your desires can’t equal it.

– Proverbs 3:15

I know it’s talking about songs and food over gold, but please bear with me. It would be an even merrier place if we place Wisdom and God over Gold.

A tolkienist’s perspective: My Tolkien | Harry Potter | CS Lewis | Sherlock Holmes collection!

James from A tolkienist’s perspective made a new video today! He updated his collection and is showing not only his Tolkien collection, but his C. S. Lewis collection, his Sherlock Holmes collection, and his Harry Potter collection.

I hated the Harry Potter collection because unlike most people, me and my family disapprove of Harry Potter. I forgot why, we just have a ban on it.

But over all, it’s after video, and it’ll introduce you to different books.

I’m sorry to say I’m not going to buy Beren and Luthien before it gets published

It’s June the first now; It’s a sunny day with a chance for me to swim at the pool. And to make things better, Beren and Luthien is being published today! Things couldn’t get any better. Except one thing.

I didn’t buy Beren and Luthien.

“Well, of course you didn’t! You bought it before it was published, right? You’ve been ranting about how you’re going to buy Beren and Luthien nerd re it gets published!”

I know, but I mean I didn’t buy it at all yet. I failed. I’m sorry 😢

I was going too, but I was too distracted in the world of movies (Disney, 
generally), that I didn’t remember to buy the book. But I will; In hardcover, on Amazon, and illustrated by Alan Lee. Alan Lee illustrated a couple of Tolkien books. My favorite cover he illustrated was The Children of Húrin. I don’t know why, but I really liked the cover.

Please forgive me. And James, I’ll try to buy your book before it gets published, I’ll try my best. And if I can’t, I will still buy it.

Please forgive me.

Approaching Tolkien: ‘The Silmarillion’

A Tolkienist's Perspective

silmarillion header

(Above: This is my last attempt in trying something like this … I promise!)

– The ultimate reading experience

This is the real deal. Forget what you’ve read in ‘The Hobbit’ or ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (actually, it would be wise to remember severything), cleanse your mind of any thoughts, sit down and start (or try) reading ‘The Silmarillon’…

Complicated book, complicated (and long) blog post.

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