What I thought the Lord of the rings was about before I ever watched it, read it, or researched it

‚ÄčI thought Frodo was a human, and Gollum was a shriveled old creature who wanted to be alone, but helps Frodo by giving advise. Later some of the enemies men (human) can and arrested him aggressively. I thought instead of a ring needing to be destroyed, I thought a war was going on, and the enemy needed all the rings to be fully powerful. I thought the Lord of the rings was a group of people who owned a magic ring, and are the primary enemy of the enemy. I thought the Movie had an Eragon theme to it.

Now I know that Frodo’s a Hobbit, and Gollum is a shriveled old Hobbit like creature who wants the one ring for his own. Now I know the men who attacked Gollum are Faramir and his men in the Two Towers. Now I know that the one ring is the most deadly artifact in all of Middle-earth, and the war is to find the ring and make Middle-earth vulnerable, and Sauron nerds the one ring to have all of his strength back. I now know that Sauron is the Lord of the rings (Wait. So the book’s actually called Sauron?And it has a Lord of the rings theme to it.


Hobbit trilogy marathon~An unexpected journey

I’ve tried to many times, but I have always failed. But since it’s Easter break, where there are 4 days of no school, I just might be able to finally have a Middle-earth movie marathon! This week, I will watch the Hobbit trilogy. Next weekend I’ll watch the Lotr trilogy. Right now I’m watching An unexpected journey. So I just thought I’d make a couple of Movie Reviews about each movie. Since I have already watched the movies millions of times, I will make the review while I watch the movie.

I thought it had a wonderful sense of Adventure and humor, with a message of inside courage and having to believe in yourself. My favorite character(s) in the movie was Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, Gandalf the grey, and the great Goblin. I thought the great Goblin was a really funny character, making each sentence he says into a sarcastic remark.

I give this movie 8/10 stars.

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Tomorrow, Desolation of Smaug.

Who are… The wizards of Middle-earth.

5 wizards, wise and powerful; 

And some dead. But who are the wizards? Stay here if you are wondering:

the 2 blue Wizards.

Not much is known about them. In fact, Gandalf doesn’t really remember their names. My Swim teacher told me that they both died trying to control something that they couldn’t control.

Saruman the White.

The leader of the Wizards, he is somewhat of a Skeptic, as shown in An unexpected journey. He is a bit rude, accusing people when they do something wrong, believing that their strange habits are the cause. He is also power hungry; planning to take the ring for himself after Sauron wins, and rule Middle-earth. This plan fails when Sauron is defeated when the ring was destroyed in the fires of Mount doom. Afterwards he does criminal work in the Shire, later be cut in the throat by Grima Wormwood (I’m pretty sure that’s what his name is), who is shot with arrows while trying to escape.

Gandalf the Grey/White.

Possibly the most popular Wizard around (I refuse to say Harry potter is the most popular), he helped get Bilbo out of his Hobbit hole with about 13 dwarves, and sent Frodo on a journey to destroy the one ring. He is very kind, he would risk his life to save his friends, as shown when he fought The Balrog. He comes back as Gandalf the white, and he is more powerful, and the leads the victory of Helms deep. Years after the ring is destroyed, he, Elrond, Giladriel, Bilbo, Celebrond, and Frodo go to the undying lands, where they can heal and die peacefully.

Radagast the brown

Possibly the kindest Wizard around, he lives in a forest, where he is shown a friend to almost every animal In the forest, first shown healing a hedgehog poisoned with black magic. He has an interest In mushrooms. He seems to be friends with the eagles, as he and Beorn came flying into The battle for Erebor on Giant eagles.