Should the Silmarillion be turned into a movie?

A question has been making me think for a while, and I have decided to post it here. Should the Silmarillion given its own movie, or movies? I say: Yes and no. The Silmarillion is kind of like the bible of Middle-earth; it talks about the origins of Middle-earth, the gods, the origins of Morgoth … Continue reading Should the Silmarillion be turned into a movie?


Happy birthday, Silmarillion!

Yesterday, The Silmarillion turned 40! Wow! When J. R. R. Tolkien died, the Silmarillion was still unfinished. But then Christopher Tolkien, His son, finished the Silmarillion. Thanks to this wonderful book, such wonderful stories such as Beren and Luthien and Children of Hurin have been published and loved. Happy Belated birthday, The Silmarillion. Now, what … Continue reading Happy birthday, Silmarillion!